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Party members to set an example, labor is the most glorious
  • Time of issue:2019-05-30 14:37

Party members to set an example, labor is the most glorious

(Summary description)Inordertocelebratethe"May1st"InternationalLaborDay,furtherstrengthenthethemeofthepartymembers'"lightidentity,heavyaction"seriesofactivities,andpromotethevanguardandexemplaryroleofpartymembers.OntheafternoonofApril28,theforeignmedicalsalespartybranchorganizedallpartymembersandpartyactivists.Acleanenvironmentalobligationlaborwascarriedoutwithinthecompany.At14o'clockintheafternoon,thecompanyleadersledtheteamtogatherinthehall.Afterasimpledivisionoflaboranddistributionoflabortools,everyonewenttotheareasresponsiblefortheiractivework.Someofthemfetchwater,someusewindows,somewipetheshelvesfullofdust,andtheyaresohot.Throughouttheprocess,everypartymemberfullydemonstratedthespiritofnotbeingafraidofdirtandnotbeingtired.Hecarefullycleanedanddidnotletgoofanycorner.Thecompany'srestaurantsandfoyerwerecleanedup,andthehonordisplaywallandhighhangingsignagewerenotmanyyearsold.Thesanitarycornerofthescrubisevenmorerefreshing.Reallycleanindoors,outdoororderandbeautifulenvironment,creatingaspacious,bright,comfortableandwarmpublicserviceenvironmentfortheenterprise.Thevolunteerworkofpartymembersnotonlybeautifiedtheofficeenvironment,butalsospurredtheenthusiasmofpartymemberstovolunteerandfurtherpromotethehardworkandhardworkofpartymembersandcadres.

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  • Time of issue:2019-05-30 14:37
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In order to celebrate the "May 1st" International Labor Day, further strengthen the theme of the party members' "light identity, heavy action" series of activities, and promote the vanguard and exemplary role of party members. On the afternoon of April 28, the foreign medical sales party branch organized all party members and party activists. A clean environmental obligation labor was carried out within the company. At 14 o'clock in the afternoon, the company leaders led the team to gather in the hall. After a simple division of labor and distribution of labor tools, everyone went to the areas responsible for their active work. Some of them fetch water, some use windows, some wipe the shelves full of dust, and they are so hot. Throughout the process, every party member fully demonstrated the spirit of not being afraid of dirt and not being tired. He carefully cleaned and did not let go of any corner. The company's restaurants and foyer were cleaned up, and the honor display wall and high hanging signage were not many years old. The sanitary corner of the scrub is even more refreshing. Really clean indoors, outdoor order and beautiful environment, creating a spacious, bright, comfortable and warm public service environment for the enterprise. The volunteer work of party members not only beautified the office environment, but also spurred the enthusiasm of party members to volunteer and further promote the hard work and hard work of party members and cadres.

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